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CakePHP is globally recognized as a rapid and robust PHP framework that fosters the development of database driven websites and web applications. Since the inception of this framework, it has been globally adopted as a quick and sure fire method of getting the website up and running in a short time. It allows the development of reliable, secure and scalable website.
A CakePHP web application once developed can be easily managed for adding, editing and changing the content. Moreover, the CakePHP web development improves the performance of the website in terms of the website rank and search engine results. Regardless of the business type and size, you can bank upon CakePHP for a robust web application development.

At Grey Dots Innovative, we have the necessary expertise and development experience. We have been serving various business domains, from startups to enterprises, we have served unique and innovative solutions to globally recognized brands. Our experts adopt a simple but an effective development approach that helps them to address every facet of CakePHP development. We initiate the project by analyzing the market trend. We go deep in the market and come up with a development plan that gives you an edge in the competition.

Some key features of CakePHP include:
• Easy to use database and less coding.
• Inbuilt database authorization and authentication.
• Inbuilt validation features.
• Object Relational Mapping framework.
• Flexible ACL and caching.
Grey Dots Innovative's core CakePHP services includes:
• CakePHP web application development
• CakePHP marketplace development
• CakePHP job portal development
• CakePHP eCommerce development
• CakePHP custom web application development
• CakePHP web portals development
• CakePHP web 2.0 content management system

Our expertise includes:
• A team of highly competent and qualified professionals.
• Strong and knowledgeable technical expertise
• Global clientele
• Streamlined communication system
• 10 years + experience