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Yii Framework

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Yii is one of the best and high performance PHP frameworks, Yii is fast, secure and extremely professional for developing Web 2.0 applications and much more. It is equipped with rich features including MVC, DAO/Active record etc. Some of its other features include I18N/L10N, testing, scaffolding, authentication and role based access control. It can shorten development time quite significantly for all software or application development. SSL support out of the box, and some additional features make this application a highly trusted and depended upon framework.
Been a component based application development framework, Yii Framework has the following advantages:
• Yii development framework has many advantages over other frameworks and here are some of the highlights of this wonderful framework.
• Yii framework is suitable for any type of project, say it a small or a large project.
• Yii framework comes packed with tools to test and debug with clear and neat documentation.
• Yii framework is lightweight and comes with caching solutions.
• Yii framework is suitable for building high traffic applications.
At Grey Dots Innovative we have a talented and brilliant team of professionals, taking care of designing and development needs for applications and softwares. We also provide some of the most cost-effective web solutions, and testing services. Our programmers and software developers use layered caching scheme that supports data caching, dynamic content, fragment caching and page caching. Unit and functionality testing, security measures, cross site scripting XSS, cookie tampering prevention, CSRF or Cross site request forgery are some of the other aspects that are taken care of by our experts. We also design applications that work well with third party codes. Our experts can do a lot more using Yii framework to deliver just what you need at the most reasonable pricing. We also offer extended technical support and maintenance for all our products.