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Beacon Apps

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Grey Dots Innovative has always been concomitant with the latest trends in Technology. IOT (Internet of Things) is a technology that has been quite the cynosure for the past couple years. IOT is a technology that has revolutionized the way we can use our devices. It has provided innovative ways for cross-device connectivity, and operations. The technology involves devices like Beacon, iBeacon and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Devices. For a generation on the go, smart device like mobile phone, tablets and phablets have become the norm. Grey Dots Innovative is continuously experimenting and developing new mobile based consumable apps by adapting and deploying recent technology. Beacon app development is now a part of the Grey Dots Innovative’ tech expertise.

What is a beacon technology and how does it work?
Beacon devices transmit information in the form of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) signals to the nearby Bluetooth enabled smart devices like iPhone, Android phones, iPad, phablets, tablets and more. Beacon transactions consist of only three values namely UUID, a major and a minor value.

For example, consider a user entering in to a store or a retail shop with a beacon app installed on their smartphone. Whenever they come across a broadcaster (beacon device), it detects the small packet of data transferred from the broadcaster. Triggered information can be of anything like offers, details about the product, deals and coupons and more.

Beacon technology provides endless possibilities. Here are some of the prominent areas in which the beacons can be used.
• Travel
• Health
• Real estate
• Entertainment
• Food
• Education
• Retail
• Automation

Grey Dots Innovative concentrates on deploying beacon applications to aid in daily living. Being a beacon app development company, we analyzed various factors and found there haven’t been much of beacon technology in Nigeria as people are not aware of this interactive technology. We then started our beacon application services to help clients/partners to benefit from the internet kind of thing.

Our various beacon app development services are:
• Customized and user-friendly beacon applications (both iOS and Android)
• Developing backend web panels
• Website design and development for your beacon applications
• Strategical tips and ideas for enterprises and stores of various levels