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People are using devices of various sizes and it has become mandatory for websites to be responsive i.e. it should be of proper orientation, no matter what the screen size is. Foundation is a framework to satisfy the needs of responsive front-end web development. It is mainly used to develop responsive website, emails and apps that looks wonderful and clean on devices of any sizes. This responsive framework is said to be flexible, readable, semantic and customizable to the core.

For the people looking to develop content-focused websites, Foundation framework has everything that you need to develop a creative jam-packed website. It comes built with modular and flexible components that makes easy to craft website in no span of time.

Here are some of the highlights of Foundation framework for responsive front-end website development:
• Flexible navigation patterns
• JavaScript utilities
• Motion UI
• Customizable Saas grid
• Yeti Launch desktop app
For Apps Foundation framework for apps lets you create complex layouts, clean animations, descriptive interactions and more. This creative framework uses the powerful Angular and Flexbox to create responsive application that ca be viewed on devices of any size.

The following are some of the highlighted features of using Foundation framework for developing web applications:
• Independent scrolling sections
• Vertical grid
• Component driven
• Saas Mixins
• Motion modifiers

We offer the following Foundation framework development services.
• Responsive website development
• Responsive web layouts
• Enterprise level webs applications
• Social media web applications
• Web services
• Support and maintenance